Decide who will be involved

For school, childcare and community groups, we suggest involving your children as much as possible. Whether it is one class, a whole grade, or the entire school, as long as the mural is a representation of your kids, then it will be beautiful. 

Choose a spot to create your mural

If you are a school, suggested locations include the quadrangle, tuck shop/canteen area, car park, blank brick wall, pathways, basketball courts, etc. If you are an individual or community group you could use your driveway, a blank wall, shed or garage. NOTE: If you choose to create your mural in an outdoor area, keep in mind weather conditions – make sure you have enough time to create the mural and photograph it before the chance of rain could wash it all away!



Plan your design

The design is completely up to you, as long as it involves white balloons! You may like to also get the kids to draw portraits of themselves into the mural, or include a landscape or landmark that is significant to your school. Your design could be one large picture or you may wish to divide the space up into a grid, allocating one square on the grid to each child. Alternatively, you may prefer to get an adult to draw in the outline of the design and get the kids to fill it in. It’s up to you!

Gather your materials and choose your create-date

All you need is white chalk and lots of it! Chalk is lots of fun to work with, and you can create great blending effects buy using a little bit of water, sponges and cloths. 

Plan the day you’re going to create your mural. As mentioned above, if it is being created in an outdoor space, keep in mind weather conditions. Entries open July 1st, so even though White Balloon Day isn’t actually until September 7th, you can create and enter your mural well before. 

Create it, photograph it and submit it!

During the creation of your mural, and of course once it’s finished, remember to take pictures and send them in to us here at Bravehearts, along with your entry form. We will be featuring the artworks all throughout Child Protection Week on our Facebook page. PLEASE NOTE: When photographing your mural, please ensure that only those children with media clearance appear in the photographs. If you are not sure, then it’s best to be on the safe side and make sure that no kids appear in the photos you take – your beautiful artwork will speak for itself!

Submit your mural: Download and complete the submission form (see link below) and send in to Bravehearts, along with your photographs by the closing date of September 1st 2018. 







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