Need some inspiration for fundraising? Look no further! Make sure you also check out our FUNDRAISING RESOURCES section to help you reach your fundraising goal.

All the funds you raise will go towards counselling, preventative education and research, as well help fund our essential lobbying and advocacy on behalf of child sexual assault survivors (for more information on how your donation dollars will make a difference, please GO HERE).


Below you will find a bunch of ideas for different fundraising events and activities.

Wear White: Wear white on the day and do a gold coin collection.

Morning tea or luncheon (at home or at work): Invite your friends and family or colleagues (if it’s at work) and ask everyone to bring a plate along with a donation, or have it catered for and charge guests a nominal amount (with profits donated).

‘White-tie’ dinner: As above but on a fancier scale and everyone gets to dress up in their best white cocktail/evening attire!

Backyard Olympics: ‘Old-school’ games are so much fun and you can play them in a local park or  in the backyard. Kids of all ages will love getting involved and you can even organise ‘medals’ to give out to the winners. Game like egg-and-spoon races, sack races, Quoits, and three-legged races would all work well. Charge a ‘fee’ to enter each race as a way of collecting donations or even have a friendly wager on who will win, with the takings going into the donation kitty.

Fundraising BBQ: Invite your friends and family to come along and donate to the cause. Or have a workplace fundraising BBQ.

Organise a sponsored ride, walk, skate, scooter or cycle: Ask participants on the day to bring along a nominated amount to donate and then all ride together in support of child protection!

Garage Sale: Gather up all that stuff that you don’t need any longer and ask your friends to do the same. On White Balloon Day have a front yard sale and donate the money you make to the work of Bravehearts.

Give up coffee for a day: Ask your friends and family to give up just ONE take-away coffee on White Balloon Day, and instead donate the $5 to Bravehearts.

Lolly-jar guessing comp: Charge a gold coin donation per guess. Over a few weeks gather people’s guesses in your community, making a record of each one, then on White Balloon Day announce the winner (the person whose guess is the closest to the actual number of lollies in the jar wins the whole jar!).

Bake and Sell: Bake some cookies or cupcakes (with white icing!) and sell them at your office on White Balloon Day.

Silent Auction: Host a silent auction with prizes donated by local businesses.

Bad Tie Day: Charge your colleagues a pound to come in wearing their loudest tie. Award the winner.

Bingo: Eyes down at the ready, Full House for a prize. A fun and easy way to raise funds and get all your mates together.

Book sale: Sell old books, collected from everyone you know.

Film night: Have a movie night in a community centre, get the projector out and a screen, supply popcorn and refreshments. Charge everyone a fee to get in and for refreshments.

Charity footy match: Ask your local team to play a match or gather two teams together of friends and family. Organise a raffle at half time and get prizes donated by local businesses. Alternatively, organise a match pitting your mates against their dads/mums and older relatives. Ask each player to pay a fee to play and buy a small cup for the winning team.

Art exhibition: Contact local artists and hold an exhibition, donating the entry fee to Bravehearts. Ask one of the artists to donate a piece and auction it off to raise extra funds.

Celebration giving: Ask your friends and family for donations in lieu of presents for a celebration such as a birthday, wedding or engagement.

Hour of pay: Ask your friends and family to donate just one hour of their pay to your fundraiser (don’t forget to pledge an hour of pay yourself!).

Pre-loved clothing swap: Ask your friends and colleagues to bring along their unwanted clothes. Charge a fee to fill a bag.

Amazing Race: Organise an Amazing Race style challenge and charge participants to enter a team.



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